Why place your item on consignment?
By placing your item with us, you spend less time corresponding with potential
buyers.   It also eliminates, e-mail scams, no shows and allowing strangers in
your home.  And, with several dresses all in one place there is a greater
opportunity for the item(s) to sell and WE do all the work for you.  

SGE Bridal Boutique accepts the following
We are accepting bridal gowns (5 years old or newer), head pieces and veils,
tiaras, slips, bras/corsets, crinoline slips, garters, gloves, shoes, jewelry,
handbags and other wedding related items that a bride would wear.

Items accepted must meet the following conditions
We accept new and pre-owned items.  

Clothing must be CLEAN in like new condition with few, if any wrinkles or
hemline soil.  It must be free of make-up, deodorant residue, food and beverage
spills.  They must not have any snags, rips, broken zippers or loose/missing
/damaged beading, straps, buttons or hook & eyes and must be free of body
odor, perfume, smoke, pet or etc.

SGE Bridal Boutique reserves the right to refuse any items due to
condition, style or lack of current demand.

Please note if your dress has been cleaned and preserved in a box, that we do
not accept the box as we have nowhere to store them.

Selling Price
Selling price is determined first by collecting information of the gown (1)
Designer, (2) Style Number, (3) Year Purchased, (4) Price Paid, (5) Tags
Attached (6) New or PreOwned, (7) Dress Condition, (8) Alterations, (9) Dry

Next this information is compared to current market value and custome

A suggested selling price is offered.  If the offer is accepted, the seller would
receive 50% of the selling price once the dress sells.

Terms of Consignment and Payment
SGE Bridal Boutique reserves the right to determine the acceptability and selling
price of all items.   Age, condition, brand, style, size, demand and current selling
price will be considered.   The selling price is distributed at a ratio of 50/50. SGE
Bridal Boutique (50%) Consignor (50%).  If undetected defects are found within
30 days of receipt, SGE reserves the right to adjust pricing up to 20% of selling
price without contacting the consignor.  (10%) Consignor (10%) SGE Bridal
Boutique.   If items(s) are found to be unsellable, a request for pick up will be

No consignment fees for set-up to cover the cost of display and managing your
account have been established at this time.

Length of consignment is for 1 year.   At any time during the year, consignor can
request item(s) to be removed from inventory with a 7 day notice.  SGE Bridal
Boutique may contact the consignor during this year with a buyout offer or
asked item(s) to be removed if no interest is shown.  If buyout offer is made,
consignor is not obligated to take said offer and item(s) may remain in inventory
on consignment as agreed.  If a reasonable offer is made by customer, a call will
be made to consignor unless prior approval has been granted.  Consignor may
accept or decline offer.

Checks are issued and mailed no more than 30 days after sale.  No contact will
be made to consignor regarding consignment status unless a sale adjustment or a
pick up request is made.  Status request can be made by phone call, text or

At the end of 1 year, one of the following actions can be taken.
(1) Item(s) can remain in inventory for another year with an agreement of a
price deduction.
(2) SGE Bridal Boutique can make a buyout offer or request item to be removed
from inventory
(3) Consignor can opt to remove item from inventory with a 7 day advance

If SGE Bridal makes a request to remove item(s) from inventory, or consignor
opts to remove it, consignor will have 10 days to do so.  On day 11 it will
become the property of SGE Bridal Boutique.

SGE Bridal boutique will maintain every effort to keep your item(s) in the same
condition as received but will not be held liable for any loss or damage done in
the efforts to sell your item(s) including theft, floods, fires, acts of nature and
etc. Your items are being tried on and handled and some wear should be
expected.  If items are received in for consignment it is noted that consignor
agrees to these terms.

By signing this you are agreeing that the item s) you are placing on consignment
are your property and you have the legal right to sell them and agree with the
terms as listed above. You also are agreeing that the description and information
of said item (s) are true and accurate.

Consignor Signature (Seller): ___________________________ Date: _________
Consignee Signature (SGE Bridal Boutique): _________________ Date: _______
We’d like to be a part of helping you sell your item
and giving the next woman an opportunity
to see HER dream become a reality.
New policy updated change effective August 6, 2017
New policy updated change effective September 1, 2016
New polciy updatd change effective June 1, 2015.

Please note that store policy regarding consignment percentage and maximum selling price has
change effective November 1, 2012.  This change has been made to meet the demand for dresses
that I would not be able to obtain otherwise.  With these changes in place, I will continue to
maintain a quality inventory with a  wide variety of sizes and styles at reasonable prices.  All
contracts prior to this date will remain the same until updated.  Should you have any questions or
concerns,  please do not hesitate to contact me.
Do you still have
questions concerning
e-mail us at
or call us 614-649-6939